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Discovering Bitter Justice: Sweet Revenge

By Belinda D'Alessandro

To be released in 2013

Revenge is a dish best served cold... or at least that’s what the vaguely remembered axiom suggested.

Having survived his attempt on her life, Alyssa Giordano almost enjoyed watching Duncan Kennedy suffer the consequences of actions he claimed were not his. She saw the wisdom in letting justice take its own path against Kennedy for his earlier attempts at her destruction.

Yet Alyssa could not understand why her descent into hell did not stop with Kennedy’s incarceration. Her recovery complicated, her law practice virtually destroyed, an assassination attempt on her beloved great–grandfather. It couldn’t be Kennedy who was orchestrating the measures against her. Could it? If it wasn’t, then who was it?

Alyssa would discover that shadowy figures her from her distant past would attempt to exact retribution on her for actions that were not hers.

Whether or not Alyssa could fend off the icy retribution for the actions of her ancestors, whether her own chilly revenge would be more sweetly satisfying than cold–blooded violence, she would only discover with time.

Or were they really contriving against her past?

About the Author

Belinda D'Alessandro was born in Brisbane, Australia to an Italian born father and an Australian born mother. Her father moved from Italy to Australia at the age of seven. Her maternal great-grandparents were from both Scotland and Ireland and she has extended family in Italy, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

D'Alessandro, the eldest of five children, grew up in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast of Australia, and earned her law degree from Bond University in 1992. She worked in the legal profession (as both a clerk and a lawyer) for 15 years in government departments and in private practice. She moved to Sydney, Australia in 2000 to take a clerkship with a Federal Judge and she then moved into private practice and ran her own successful law firm for a number of years. 

As D'Alessandro started writing her debut crime novel, she also started her own boutique publishing company, BDA Books, at the end of 2007, which she ran at the same time as her own law firm until mid-2009. At that time, a desire to focus exclusively on her writing led her leave her law firm behind and dedicate herself full-time to the publishing company, BDA Books, full time.

D'Alessandro is currently working on the second and third books which follow on from her debut crime novel.