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I STILL love coffee… but REALLY???

As a coffee lover, there’s nothing quite like starting the day with a strong cup of joe. But let’s face it, sometimes that extra kick can leave you feeling jittery.

I LOVE coffee! When working at home, I’ll have two strong instant coffees with milk and sugar before I start working.

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Belinda D’Alessandro

My go-to brew when I’m out and about (or working in the office for my day job that pays the rent) is a large, strong (i.e., with an extra shot of espresso), flat white with two sugars. A flat white is an Aussie invention: espresso and frothed milk with less froth in the milk than a latte. Check out the Coffee Fusion blog on how to make a flat white.

I was going through an old laptop and came across a post I wrote in February 2013 (in a previous blog iteration) about how much I enjoy coffee… and an article about a potent coffee. It had 48 shots of espresso and loads of syrup. The price at the time was US$47.30 (about AU$45.83 at then exchange rates, AU$67.15 at current exchange rates).

There’s coffee… and there’s coffee!

Black coffee in a white cup sitting on a saucer. A spoon with a sugar cube hovers over the coffee. On the left of the coffee cup is a jug of milk. Coffee beans sit on the table in front of the coffee cup and saucer.I decided to repost that post on my blog and some others. It will take some time to repost some of my older posts and some new content, and it’ll be a work in progress. When digging a bit to update the post, I came across a 2014 article on the (U. S. A.) Today website about a coffee with 101 espresso shots (and 17 shots of vanilla syrup), costing a whopping US$83.75 (AU$95.54 at then exchange rates, AU$128.67 at current exchange rates).

A white cup and saucer, with coffee in the cup, sitting on a wooden tableAccording to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s largest coffee was created by the Tonic World Centre S.A. de C.V. in Guanajuato, Mexico, on 10 December 2022, at a whopping almost 27,000 litres (practically 6 U.K. gallons; more than 7 U.S. gallons). The Mayo Clinic indicates that coffee does have health benefits when drinking it in moderation. One of the favourite clichés in my family is “everything in moderation, even moderation sometimes”.

At the end of the day

So what’s my point, you ask. Apart from reiterating my love for coffee, I must spur myself into posting on the Book Studio! And writing more outside of my day job! With the help of coffee, of course!

Final Thoughts

Coffee beansWhile I sincerely appreciate coffee, it is crucial to recognise that sometimes too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. However, despite this, I still find it a reliable companion in my writing endeavours. If you share this passion for the world’s favourite caffeinated beverage, I invite you to engage with our content.

Let’s connect over our shared love for coffee and continue to fuel our creative journeys together. If you are passionate about coffee like I am, feel free to like, comment, and follow for more coffee-inspired content.

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