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15 Projects in development: detectives, science fiction, legal thrillers. But where do I start?

15 Projects in development? But where do I start? It’s fantastic that I have a wealth of ideas for different genres. Now it’s time to break down the process and prioritise my projects! Read more
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Mastering the First Draft: A Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Your Novel Outline into a Manuscript

A stack of papers with cursive writing
Ready to turn your novel outline into a captivating manuscript? Whether you’re a budding writer or a seasoned pro, master the art of the first draft! Read more
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The Art of Fiction Unleashed: Crafting a Masterful Outline for Your Novel

Cartoon-style drawing of a mind map on a white background with blurred black corners
The outline is that little thing that all writers create before they sit down and write a paper. This outline provides a structure for the writing process. Read more
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How to Get Really Good Writing Ideas: The Power of Research and Reading

Be Creative
Struggling to develop ideas for your writing? There are two things writers need! Firstly, understanding what makes a good story. Secondly, the ability to think creatively to develop original ideas. Read more
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Anatomy of a Book: Where do Writers get Inspiration?

Violet, a tabby coloured cat, and Charlie, a champagne coloured cat

Rob Kennedy, a fellow Aussie author, recently asked a number of questions about the creativity of writers, and the “rationale” behind the creativity of writers, and my own creativity.

As an author, I find it a little difficult to Read more

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