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Best-Selling Authors’ Writing Habits: Lessons We Can Learn from Them

The most successful writers don’t wait for inspiration to write. What do they do that we don’t? And what can we learn from their habits? Let's take an in-depth look! Read more
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Writing Resources: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Information Sources

The writing world is a big place with plenty of resources. How do you go about finding them? Good research is key when searching for resources in the writing world! Read more
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Anatomy of a Book… Deciding to independently publish a book… Part 2: DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE DOLLAR COSTS ARE? ARE YOU READY TO PUT YOUR EMOTIONS AND YOUR $$$ WHERE YOUR BOOK IS?

A vice clamping coins, overlapping a calculator. The vice and calculator sit on a spreadsheet.

In our last post, I discussed whether you want to try your hand at publishing your book yourself. Bloomberg recently ran a slideshow on the “real” costs of “self” (or indie) publishing, has been syndicated by Read more

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