By Belinda D'Alessandro

Discovering Wounded Justice: Cruel Menace

Alyssa Giordano, a first generation American, never thought being a woman in this day and age would be a disadvantage... until she met her first boss. Her grandmothers, one Irish, the other Italian, fought so hard to be seen by other women as their husbands’ equals. But Alyssa’s grandfathers, and her father, knew who really ran things.

Barely a year into her career, the young lawyer couldn’t believe that Duncan Kennedy would accuse her of a double cross and sack her after she’d rebuffed his advances. Nor could she believe that his partner, Lydia Price, refused to support her. As she leaves behind her first job in the only career which she’d ever wanted, Alyssa, pride wounded, loses faith in the one thing she’d grown up believing in: justice.

After struggling to get her career (and her life) back in order, Giordano finally hits the big time and finds that roles are reversed. Kennedy is labeled a swindler and a leading journalist, a woman no less, holds his fate in her hands. But as he vanishes in a cloud of lies and creditors before he can be brought to justice, Giordano’s faith in it, justice, freefalls again.

Later uncovering reports of Kennedy’s untimely death, Alyssa’s faith in justice returns and she begins to believe she is rid of the cruel menace who almost destroyed her. Until the day he walks back into her life to seemingly ask for her help in restoring his reputation... and tries to take her life...

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About the Author

Belinda D'Alessandro was born to an Italian father and an Australian mother in Brisbane, Australia, in the early 1970s. At the age of seven, her father immigrated to Australia from Italy. Her maternal great-grandparents came from Scotland and Ireland, and she has relatives in Italy, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada.

D'Alessandro, the eldest of five children, was raised in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and graduated from Bond University with a law degree in 1992.

For 15 years, D'Alessandro worked in government and the private sector before moving to Sydney in 2000. In addition to writing her debut crime novel, she founded her own boutique publishing company, BDA Books, in 2007 and entered the banking and financial services sector in 2010.

While working full-time in the heart of Sydney, D'Alessandro is currently developing her second and third books, which follow her debut crime novel, in her spare time.